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Art. 1 – Subject

1. – These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) regulate access and use of Trueitalian Experience S.r.l. Website.

2. – The Site is owned by (the “Owner”):

Company: Trueitalian Experience S.r.l.

Head office: Via Ermete Conti, 7 - San Polo d'Enza (RE)

VAT number: 02893710356

3. – Access to the Site, consultation of its contents and its use by the user, assumes the reading and knowledge of the T&C in force from time to time, as well as the Privacy Policy (as defined below) of the Site by clicking on the appropriate spaces.


Art. 2 – Amendments to the T&C

1. – The Owner or the Manager will be able to modify or simply update, in whole or in part and at any time, these T&C. The users will be informed of these changes and/or updates by simple publication on the Site of the updated version of the T&C in this same section. The new T&C will become binding at the time of publication.

2. - Users of the Site have to consult periodically the T&C in force and the other sections of the Site such as the Privacy Policy (as defined below) through the links accessible from the footer of the Site.


Art. 3 – Site content and Intellectual property

1. – The contents on the Site (such as, by way of example, the works, images, photographs, videos, dialogues, music and sounds, documents, drawings, pictures, logos, Trademarks (as defined below) and any other material, in any format, published on the Site, including menus, web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, fonts, Site design, diagrams, layouts , methods, processes, functions, software of the Site) are property of Trueitalian Experience S.r.l. and in any case protected by copyright and by any intellectual property right of the Owner. Reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form and/or manner of the Site and of the aforementioned contents is prohibited, without the prior written consent of the Owner. 

2. - The user acknowledges and accepts that the Site and all contents contained therein including, but not limited to, all text, information, data, images, distinctive signs, icons, photographs, illustrations, multimedia contents (graphics, audio and video) , graphs, indexes, reports, software, HTML codes and screens included therein and other similar contents (collectively hereinafter the "Content"), are owned or licensed to the Owner and are subject to the protections provided by national and international laws on intellectual property including, but not limited to, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets, trade names, trademarks, service marks, moral rights, know-how and any other similar rights granted by law or international convention in any country or jurisdiction of the world, including the legislation on copyright (Law n. 633/1941 as amended). The Content is presented for promotional purposes only. If the user intends to proceed with the purchase of services or tourist packages illustrated on the Site, he can do so by accessing the e-commerce platform via the appropriate connection link in the Site, whose general terms and conditions of sale will be governed by specific and specific general conditions which must be expressly accepted by the user before proceeding with the purchase and to which express reference is made 

3. – The user is only authorized to browse the Site and consult its contents making use of the services available therein. In order to use in any other form and manner (including, by way of example, the reproduction on any support of) all or part of the contents of the Site referred to in paragraph 1 above, the user shall necessarily send a written request for a USER LICENSE to the e-mail address: info@trueitalianexperience.it. Any act of reproduction must be, from time to time, expressly authorised by Trueitalian Experience S.r.l. or by the authors of the single works, images, photographs, videos reproduced on the Site and on the understanding that such reproductions must in any case be carried out for lawful purposes and in compliance with the copyrights and intellectual property rights of the authors of such content uploaded on the Site. 

4. - Unless otherwise indicated, the user may not reproduce, download, copy, store in memory, manipulate, reformat, print, display, publish, transmit, distribute the Content or create a derivative work from the Site Content or its use, nor therefore offer for sale or otherwise make any other use of the Site or the Content included therein.

5. – Nothing provided in these TCGU can be interpreted or understood as implicit granting of a license or any other intellectual property right or under copyright by Trueitalian Experience S.r.l. and/or third party rights holders.


Article 4 - Marks

1. - All the trademarks, logos and distinctive signs present on the Site are the exclusive property of the Owner. Should third party trademarks and distinctive signs appear on the Site, the Owner is expressly authorised to make legitimate use of them by virtue of specific and separate agreements (the "Trademarks").

2. - The Owner is authorised to make exclusive use of the Trademarks, prohibiting it to third parties who have not been expressly authorised to do so in writing by the Owner. Therefore, any non-permitted and/or authorised use by third parties, including the user, shall expose the latter to all legal consequences for the protection of the Trademarks and distinguishing marks.

3. - The user acknowledges and accepts that the Trademarks are of fundamental importance to the Owner and distinguish its reputation, goodwill and prestige acquired within the specific sector in which the Owner operates. Also for this reason, it is therefore expressly forbidden for third parties to (by way of example) use, imitate, reproduce, counterfeit in any way the Trademarks in order to directly or indirectly gain advantages of any economic or moral nature, causing prejudice to the Owner.

4. - The trueitalianexperience domain, as well as the different adaptions and sub-domains are the exclusive property of the Owner. Therefore, third parties are expressly prohibited from any use, direct or indirect, without the prior written authorization of the Owner, under penalty of compensation for all damages suffered as a result of the unlawful use.


Article 5 - Use of the Site and User Responsibilities

1. - Access to and use of the Site and the services provided therein, navigation on the Site pages, as well as communication with the Owner and/or the Manager constitute activities carried out by the user exclusively for personal purposes unrelated to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity.

2. - The user is solely responsible for the use made of the Site in violation of the provisions herein. No liability can be ascribed to the Owner and/or the Manager if the user uses the Site in violation of the provisions set forth in these T&C or in a manner that does not comply with the laws in force. 

3. - The user assumes full and unconditional responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data and information provided, both his/her own and that of third parties, with respect to which he/she guarantees to have a suitable legal basis to confer and/or communicate and/or disseminate the same, including the prior consent of the parties concerned. For these purposes, no responsibility can be ascribed to the Owner and/or the Manager, who merely receives the data provided by the user.

4. - Any content of the Site downloaded in any way by the user is at the user's own choice and risk. The Owner and/or the Manager shall not be liable for any damage that may be caused to computers, computer equipment or other media, including any loss of data resulting from such activities carried out by the user.

5. - The Owner and/or the Manager shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from the interruption or inaccessibility of the services offered by the Site, as well as for any damages due to viruses, worms or trojans, damaged files, deletion of Site content, connectivity problems to or malfunctioning of the network, providers, telephone and/or telematic connections, unauthorised access, alteration of data, failure and/or malfunction of the user's electronic equipment.

6. - The user shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping and correct use of his/her personal information, including the access credentials to the Site and/or the reserved services. To this end, the user shall hold the Owner and/or the Manager completely harmless and indemnified against any and all claims that may arise from the incorrect use, loss, or misappropriation of such information, or as a result of its use in a manner that does not comply with the provisions herein.


Article 6 - Contents of the Site 

1. - The Owner reserves the right to change the contents, materials, information, technical data, features of the products and services offered on the Site, as well as references without prior notice, without this giving rise to liability and/or obligations towards the user and/or third parties.

2. - The information contained on the Site is provided "as is" without any representation and/or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or up-to-dateness, nor, with respect thereto, does the Owner and/or the Manager make any other warranties or assumes any liability whatsoever. Any material or content published on the Site may therefore contain inaccuracies or errors. In this case, the user shall be entitled to report it to the Owner and/or the Manager using the following e-mail address info@trueitalianexperience.it. As soon as the report is made, after verification, the Owner and/or the Manager shall amend, update or delete, at their own discretion and without prior notice, any information or content that is incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date without this giving rise to any liability whatsoever on the part of the Owner and/or the Manager.


Article 7 - Exclusion of Liability 

1. - Maintenance of the Site and verification of its contents are carried out by the Owner and/or the Manager with the utmost diligence. This, however, does not entail any guarantee as to the completeness, accuracy and updating of the contents, data and information published on the Site. Therefore, the Owner and/or the Manager shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the user's use of any information and content published on the Site.

2. - The Owner and/or the Manager shall not be held liable for anything that may arise from malfunctions or failures of the host server, from the use that the user may make of any content/information/data published on the Site, even if they may present errors, omissions, inadequacies, inaccuracies.

3. - The Owner and/or the Manager may not be held liable in the event of damage resulting from the failure to provide the services available on the Site or in the event of inaccessibility to the Site resulting, by way of example, from the malfunctioning of servers, electronic devices, related software, computer viruses, worms or trojans, hacking or acts of third parties, Internet networks or means of connection used by the user, which are outside their control.


Article 8 - Links to other sites and web pages linking to the Site

1. - For the user's convenience, the Site may contain links to other sites, owned and/or managed by third parties, which are completely autonomous and independent of the Site. The Owner and/or Manager has no control over such sites and their contents, information and data published therein, in respect of which they do not assume any guarantee and/or liability. Before accessing such sites, the user is therefore invited to carefully read the terms and conditions that govern their use, including any other documents concerning the privacy policy, given that these T&C and the specific documents referred to herein apply solely and exclusively to the Site.

2. - The Site may be reached via third-party sites where there will be a link or banner directing the user to the Site.

3. - The link or banner directing the user to the Site may only be activated by third parties with the prior written consent of the Owner and/or the Manager and the relevant request may be addressed to the following e-mail address info@trueitalianexperience.it.

4. -  Activation of links in violation of the provisions herein and in any case not expressly authorized by the Owner and/or the Manager shall entitle the latter to take any action deemed most appropriate both for the immediate deactivation of the link and for compensation for damages, including, by way of example, those to the image and reputation and for unfair competition. The activation of deep hypertext links (such as deep frames or deep links) to the Site as well as the unauthorised use of megatags is, in any case, prohibited.


Article 9 - Processing of personal data and cookie policy

1. - The data communicated by the user through the Site are processed by the Controller in compliance with and in accordance with current legislation on the processing of personal data, as specified in the specific section of the Site containing the information pursuant to Art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 ("Privacy Policy"), through the link in the footer of the Site.

2. - The Site also uses cookies that are managed in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the specific section of the Site containing the cookie policy ("Privacy Policy"), which can be accessed through the link in the footer of the Site.


Art. 10 - Applicable law

Any dispute that may arise in relation to the Site, its use and its contents specified by the T&C, will be governed by Italian law.


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