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Welcome in True Italian Experience,

We are a digital platform that aims to aggregate the main public and private players in the tourism sector to offer Italian and foreign visitors the best experiences that can be lived in Italy.

It is said that a lifetime is not enough to discover our country.
Did you know that there are 40,000 fortresses and castles, 30,000 historic houses, 5,600 museums and archaeological areas, 95,000 monumental churches, 20,000 historic centres? Many stop at the fact that Italy has always been one of the most sought after destinations internationally and that we are home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites globally (as many as 58). Not to mention cuisine, typical products, biodiversity, nature, local traditions.

A heritage that even Italians can discover through True Italian Experience: during this last year we have seen how proximity holidays and destinations that allow visitors to experience their passions are being prioritised.

For this reason, we have identified various categories of experiences to make navigation and research easier: Art / Culture, Food / wine, Landscape, Events, Fashion / design, Wellness, Sport, Adventure, Traditions, Family, Romantic. According to our research, these are also the main reasons why our country is known abroad.

We thought that the volume and complexity of our country's tourist offer needed an extremely simple way of being presented. This is why we decided not to narrate the experiences using text and photos, but to show them directly through videos. We asked ourselves, what could foreigners do if they were in Italy at this very moment? One experience for each minute and therefore 1,440 videos to cover the whole day. In summary, experience Italy minute by minute, live every given moment to the fullest.

Our goal is to intrigue and inspire but also to offer a service. The videos will lead the visitor to a part of the platform dedicated to the selection, not only of the experiences, but of all tourist services connected to it. Flight, transport, hotel, transfer, car rental, insurance, and everything else will be available both in terms of discounted package and menu offers, with the possibility of maximum customization.

Thanks to our partnership with ITA Airways, we guarantee both quality and widespread coverage of our regions. Through the integration of all other means of transportation into our platform, we are able to offer solid intermodality to bring visitors to their chosen location.

We have selected and will do our utmost to offer you sustainable, distinctive, and inclusive experiences. For us, sustainability is that of business, environmental but also social. Therefore, we want to give space to organisations that use assets confiscated from the mafia, to offers dedicated to inclusion, to small local museums, to tourist guide cooperatives, to consortia that add value to our typical and regional productions and much more.

Enjoy your journey with True Italian Experience.

Click on the plane and live unforgettable experiences with us.

Click on the plane
and live unforgettable experiences with us.